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The two were an absolutely adorable couple for quite a while but sadly broke up.

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She's moved on from Disney and is now 28 years old.

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That shocking news sent them into a frenzy of interviews for different shows.

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Today, Debby Ryan is 24 years old and a musician in her own right.

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Aside from these flicks, however, she was also involved in band work as she was adept at playing guitar, even going on to play in an all-girl band Mad Whistle and eventually forming her own band called The Skirts.

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There is a lot of pressure for former child stars to maintain a long career in show business, and so they are forced to either settle for a more "normal" life outside the industry, fade into obscurity, young hairy porn pics become a tabloid headline.

Often times, the former child stars are placed with a certain stigma that makes it hard for them to get rid of what they were as a kid.