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Teen titans fanfics.

Teen titans fanfics. She has two series of stories that she has put much detail into.

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A very well-written oneshot that works as a deconstruction of the "Troq" episode while still being creative and insightful in its own right.

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Primeval by Xaphrin.

Follows both the Titans as they invstigate the mysterious Gemini Industries and a young cowboy, recently arrived in Jump City, who gets involved with Slade and his new OC Apprentice.

Whether it be about the newest political stint, the newest indie film, or the newest up and coming film-fest.

J The Drafter Status:

The team, of course, continues to have their usual adventures.

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New Crossovers:

Bumblebee convinces Starfire that the proper way to get a date with Robin is to parade lingerie in front of him.

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