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Pain in testicles after orgasm.

Pain in testicles after orgasm. What questions should I be asking?

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There is no mechanism inside the testes to do this and they produce sperm at a more or less constant rate.

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It is much harder for me to sustain an erection when the discomfort flairs up.

Pelvic Conditions amature bi cuckold Treatments Prostate cancer Pelvic radiation Lower pelvic surgery — such as radical prostatectomy removal of the prostate Nerve damage in the penis — such as from an injury or complications of diabetes.

For a full diagnosis I regret that you will probably need to see your own GP.

Ejaculation normally allows this buildup to release so that the blood vessels can quickly return to their normal size.

A year ago I noticed that one of my testicles suspended further than the other and could roam or wander as it pleased.

Blood tests are not very good for picking up testicular cancer.

Are these calcium deposits and how to remove them?

I'm scared to death that I have testicular cancer but I can't find any other info that may explain the discomfort and tenderness that I've been feeling.