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Original sin unrated.

Original sin unrated. In her defense however, she is more than acceptable here and has some great chemistry with Banderas, so not all is lost.

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The mix usually remained fairly subdued, as it concentrated on general environmental elements.

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The little bit of nudity and sex at the beginning is worth a rent, sure, but avoid this like the plague.

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Naked tattoo porn is not a loaded special edition, but it does have a few extras, including an audio commentary track from director Michael Cristofer.

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Music was bright and vivid and showed reasonable dynamic range.

Sin comes in the same spirit as flicks like Basic Instinct.

Maybe it became a little dusty from sitting on the shelf for a year.

I saw periodic examples of grit, speckles and nicks.

This disc also includes French, Spanish, and Portuguese audio options, as well as subtitles in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Shipping and handling.

There's nothing really worth buying this movie for.

So why does the movie fall flat?