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I did not see them as useful documents from a parenting perspective, mostly because I found myself sympathizing more often with the bored, misunderstood, supposedly fucked-up adolescent girls than with their mothers, both of whom seemed to me to be suffering from the cum cunt suck kind of maternal myopia that makes mothers believe that their children are the brightest and most beautiful.

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Mothers who turn to Lara and Dudman as surrogate therapists will find a certain amount of bare-bones advice in these books.

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I wish I had the answers, but unfortunately, I don't.

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I could see them clawing at their skin, lashing out at others, trying everything they could possibly dream up.

They can be read as true-life horror stories.

Dudman is a single mother and a former radio station owner; she lives in Bangor, Maine.

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Both are prone to fits of drama and exaggeration.