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Novice nuns erotic library. Salongo grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down…exposing her ass.

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Her hole oozed and dribbled pussy juice until her raw, swollen anus was wet and there was a small puddle between her legs.

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Sister Agnes hid her face with her hands, her awful secret out in the open.

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The sound of squelching noises as fingers were relentlessly reamed in and out of her cunt grew louder.

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Suzanne shrieked and then moaned after each burn.

After assuring herself that Sister Mary was not overtly disturbed by the recent events Sister Agnes told the young nun that she had to confess at the earliest opportunity to cleanse her spirit anew.

Both men together got their fingers inside her - fingering her pussy in the most lewd way.

And to be subjected to these gross violations was the worst cross of all.

In her case, losing control and having an orgasm would be degrading and humiliating.

Jomo was older, with a big gut and lots of gold teeth.

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