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Mom saw my erection.

Mom saw my erection. I woke up about 2 hours later and mom was still there watching tv.

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I then asked mom "you want me to fix you a drink while I get me one?

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She put her other hand in my hair and pulled my head down towards her and she gave a me a heavy kiss right on the lips and then on my cheek before she pulled away, leaving some of my own cum on my face and mizore shirayuki hentai pics.

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We sat down and ate supper in the living room as usual.

At first I was embarresed for this to happen infront of mom.

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Stupid I know, but I thought it was good enough to go on, so that I could have an excuse to pull my pants down taiwan naked girl front of Mom.

I know for a fact mom saw it now because I looked over and saw her looking at my erection.

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Babies get erections, so I'd have to guess she's seen that

It's been super hot, so I've been sleeping in just a pair of boxers and a light sheet.