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Is the vagina looser after baby.

Is the vagina looser after baby. This even applies to your uterine lining, which builds up before you get your period.

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If you do any research about vaginal looseness, advertisements for products designed to fix this problem will crop up.

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Younger women will heal much quicker than an older woman, although most if not all will eventually go back to normal.

Vaginas do not become too tight postpartum, but they can become too dry, making it seem tighter.

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Pain during sex There's no right or wrong time to start having sex again after you have had a baby.

According to What To Expect When You're Expecting, there won't be much of a difference in your vagina unless you've experienced a tear or trauma during birth.

One study found that the pelvic floor muscles involved during birth can stretch more than three times their normal amount.

First-degree tears only involve the skin around the vaginal opening or the perineal skin, according to the Mayo Clinicand they may or may not need stitches.

This is normal, and the swelling and openness should start to reduce a few days after your baby's born.