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Heavy metal breast implant.

Heavy metal breast implant. The group had over 46, women in it.

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Many women ask us, are there any safe breast implants?

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Had my saline implants removed two years ago because they gave me health problems.

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Additionally they create many imbalances with our healthy metals, elements and minerals:

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In the control group, all 5 patients had their whole blood evaluated, only 2 had urine evaluated, and none had hair, nails, sweat, and breast milk tested.

Every day, my chest was tight, my heart was pounding, and my head felt dizzy.

My bloat has gone, I have more energy and my joint pain is gone.

The second benefit is it starves the body of glucose — fuel that bugs like candida, parasites, bacteria, cancer thrive off — making them unable to survive.

For example, only 10 of the naked 70 women in the implant group had their whole blood and urine evaluated and only 6 of the women in this group had their breast milk tested.

Toxic metals can cause damage by interfering, blocking, replacing, depleting, and poisoning many aspects of the body.