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Handicap accessible nudist. We are proud to be currently remodeling all of our Villa Guest Rooms.

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White Thorn has one tennis court and two hard volleyball courts, two new in pickleball courts, and three deep sand volleyball courts.

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My sense is I am disabled because Im not disabled!

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Parking for people with reduced mobility are located right next to the promenade, and the beach now relies on a service that allows those with a physical disability to bathe.

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You may check rates and availability of any specific room type by clicking on the room links.

This is a very nice view of the city centre and the harbour from Pen Bron beach.

People with more or less mobility and dental bdsm handicaps sometimes come with us in a group of sometimes 4o persons.

I was sad I couldnt have my cousin up there to see the fantastic view over the sea near Bari.

Those rooms have bathrooms with rails and benches.

The rooms have bathrooms with wheelchair access including shower benches, grab rails, extended shower heads, and raised toilet seats.

A car park is available at Great Cliff Boulevard in the area called Lancly.