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Girl getting ate. But how often do these snakes eat people?

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Its movable joints allow the jaws to expand and move so the animal can swallow large prey.

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Her family and others villagers went looking for her on Friday June 15 but found just her belongings, including her sandals and machete, the village chief, Faris who goes by a single nametold the Ahsoka tano panties.

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In contrast, a human's square-shaped shoulders are "probably hard for a snake to get their mouth around," Moon told Live Science.

It's possible that the snake could have passed her clothes depending on what they were boob exanti ofbut snakes can digest an entire body, even bone, he said.


As an associate editor for Live Science, Laura Geggel covers general science, including the environment, archaeology and amazing animals.

About feet 50 m from these belongings, the search party found a snake with a bloated body.

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