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Can sperm travel through jeans.

Can sperm travel through jeans. Most women are fertile for about one to two weeks during their menstrual cycle.

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Teens concerned about impregnation through clothes Ask Question.

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Of course a latex condom would be the best protection and if you are going to be sexually active this would be a good measure for the future.

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We had sex but I was using a non-hormonal birth control method correctly.

Usually pre-cum does not contain sperm, but it may be present if the male has not urinated since his last ejaculation.

Suction allows the cup to seal over the cervix, preventing sperm from getting into the uterus.

Barrier methods include condoms, diaphragmscervical capsand contraceptive sponges.

But since I know that the stackexchange community likes to see work done before asking questions, I did my own research I am used to googling code and algorithms:

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American Pregnancy Association.

It is very possible to get pregnant after having sex while on your period.